Daily Archives: June 16, 2010

Rise of the Digital C-Suite


Here is an interesting article and graph from Forbes.com on how CEO’s now filter and find info.

Summary: How do C-suite and top-level executives at the largest U.S. companies locate business information? The perception may be that they’re not online, but the reality is that they find the Internet to be their most valuable resource.

In fact, how they take advantage of Internet tools depends a great deal on the executive’s age and work experience. This study identifies the differences between those top executives whose careers have coincided with the rise of the PC and the Internet with their older counterparts. These younger executives, who are leading the charge into the C-suite, locate information for decision-making themselves, search online frequently, are interested in video, and are open to the latest online technologies.

“The Rise of the Digital C-suite” is based on an exclusive survey of 354 top executives at large U.S. companies with annual sales of greater than $1 billion. The study identifies unique generational differences between different aged executives, while examining where they go for information, how they want it filtered and delivered, and what online technologies they’re willing to embrace.

To download a pdf of the study, please fill out the following information. The report will appear in a new window. If you experience any trouble, please send an email to: insights@forbes.com.