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Free Wheelchair Mission

If you’re looking to give a “feel good” present for the holidays, consider making a donation to Free Wheel Chair Mission in someone’s name. For just $72, some needy person will get a free wheelchair in some Third World country in your giftee’s name.

Your friend or family member will get a card telling them what you donated in their name and then get to pick out the country this free wheelchair will go to (out of 82 choices). If they send in their email, they’ll even get a picture of the recipient sitting in your mutual gift! Wow…who could do better for just $72?

For more info, check out www.FreeWheelchairMission.org or listen to the interview we just did with them on OC Talk Radio’s “Critical Mass: Non Profit Show” by visiting our storage site at www.OCTalkRadio.podbean.com.


The Brain in Your Gut


Found this fascinating lecture on the “brain in your gut” given by Heribert Watzke on TED.com.  Certainly adds new meaning to the term “gut instincts”.