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Brands Becoming Their Own Media Company

It isn’t enough for top PR firms (like Edelman) to just package your message and present it to media reporters anymore. They seem to be admitting that their clients are going to have to start broadcasting that message directly to the public thru their own “new media channels”  (like blogs, podcasts and internet radio shows) further blurring the lines between “traditional journalism” and “new media journalism”.

Here’s what Edelman’s press release said:

In a move that backs up Edelman CEO Richard Edelman’s stance that brands will continue to morph into media companies, the agency has hired its first Chief Content Officer.

Richard Sambrook, the BBC’s Director of Global News and a member of the BBC’s Management Board for the last ten years, will join Edelman in May.

“Companies are going to have a harder time penetrating that authority media because reporters are getting less space. Therefore companies are going to have to do a more extensive job of putting out their story through their own websites and other channels. And in order to do that I needed someone who understood high-quality content, [but] not to replace the mediated view. This is a further addition to the conversation,” Edelman told Advertising Age.

In a statement, Sambrook said Edelman is a firm he has “long respected.”

“I’m greatly looking forward to helping to develop their content production and their approach to crisis and issues management,” he said.

Sambrook will also assume leadership of Edelman’s Global Crisis and Issues practice towards the end of the year, as agency vet Mike Seymour begins to transition out of the position.

Courtesy of MediaBistro.com’s PRNEWSER.