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WiFi Thru Your Lightbulb?

Couldn’t help but post this promising new technology demo for delivering Internet content thru the new LED light bulbs that can be placed in all the lamps and sockets in your home or office. Exciting stuff! Shows you the new frontiers and possibiltiies we still have to explore.

Next Gen iBooks: a Glimpse of What’s to Come


Had to pass along this video from a recent TED conference re: the next generation iBooks and what is possible with clever audio, interactive video and touchable links to tell your story. Though these books are still based around a linear plot line, they will let the reader stop along the way to wander off and follow some subplot or dig deeper into some idea, photo or topic before returning to the main narrative. In that sense, their narrative flow feels more like someone tracing a tree’s trunk to the top while periodically running up and down each branch that springs off from the main story.

Fascinating stuff. So what will your next brand story look like?

Is an iPad app the right choice for your brand?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase


The iPad has become a powerful new platform for brands, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. Watch as a handful of brand marketers debate the relevancy of this influential tool.  Courtesy of IMediaConnection.com.